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Preserving the natural and fresh quality of raw materials is very important in getting high-quality products on the market. Efficient and careful handling is another aspect in maintaining the product’s quality until it’s on the consumers’ plate. At North Atlantic Supplies, we are a proud distributor of Borgarplast insulated containers in St. John’s. Borgarplast has developed and manufactured insulated plastic containers for fisheries. These are available in various sizes and are insulated with polyurethane (PUR) foam. The containers meet the most stringent demands for hygiene as these as are smooth and easy to clean. Below mentioned are some of the features of the product:

  • Better insulation and durability
  • Lighter than heavy-duty pallets
  • Smooth and easy to clean
  • ISO 6780 International Shipping Standard
  • 180 degree rotating
  • Optional embedded microchips
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